21 June, 2014


 For a person who has spent most of his life rooted to a single city, traveling anywhere is both wonderful and a bit of an adrenaline-rush.

  The travelogue now stands: Calcutta, Amherst, New York, Boston.

 Attending a conference where you have no publications is a curiously cringeworthy predicament. As a friend at the workplace sagely advises - the solution is simple: get published. The publish or perish credo of academia has never been more prominent.

 Anyhow, one more place to be added to the not-so-very-impressive list thanks to aforementioned conference - Columbus, Ohio. That checks off the mid-West. Phew!

 It's been a year of my PhD. I have counted stars, jogged on acorn-strewn trails, imitated whales (yes) and grumbled about long-distance relationships. Done zero research.

 Today, in 4 hours time, I shall be most pleased to do a Rick rendition. "Of all the gin joints ..."

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