09 August, 2010

emptiness and coffee

"Ekhon kebol coffee ar shunyota..." now there is only coffee and emptiness.
"Tahole tui kichu ekta likhe phel, eto eta niye hung-up hoye royechish"
"Gautam toh likhe gechei. Ami ki ar.."
"Fresh view."

Everything's passing in a daze currently. What usually happens during these to-soon tatas. Bugger it all. Class in an hour.
This is just the promise of a blog post. On the mentioned topic. Probably will remain thus for time to come: a promise of a promise that was never made.
Is it too much to ask why? and the bigger why not? And then expect the impersonal stars to twinkle a morse-coded answer?

As usual there's this sensation of dreaming my way through the important phases - important according to so-called established norms, not at all my cup of tea/coffee (!). The lingering after-images of a summer that (as usual) was brimming with too much fun and too little time.
Looking ever so often at the chequered past, a certain day comes to mind. It was this time o'th' year and a very young blogger had just passed out of high school. Xaverianism intact. Summer breaks ended back then too, along with the sunshine and clear sparkling laughter. And I was sad.
M never really was one for these oh-so-very-profound reflections. Which is why after two and a half years the words still ring true.
"Don't be sad because summer's ending. You'll have your college too and not so much time to spare anymore. The really sad thing would be if none of us had something to do or somewhere to go after summer ends."

03 August, 2010

watched inception. then enjoyed some time with friends.
  seems very precious.

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