13 July, 2010

play, soccer and a trip with friends

and lots of other things.
the play was ok. claps and boos evenly distributed. most importantly a wonderful bonding thread connecting all of us (virtual strangers before) that looks like it will endure a year or so. 'forever' is a term i have learnt not to misuse.
 back home now, carrying a slice of my land's past with me. joyful images of a rain-sodden soccer match with the local kids. getting high with school buddies on things best left unsaid. off-key chorus of farewell Angelina, 'biday porichita', Oh Susanna and suddenly Annie's Song. and the stars were brighter than i have seen for ages in my light-infested city.

 wondering how far i've gotten, and how much further there is before things plateau off into that dreary mix of everydays.
 we're meeting up again, our bohemian group of would-be thespians. who get off on neruda, dylan, leonard cohen and bergman. at my old house, that has antlers hanging from the drawing-room wall. and ancient texts on the transmission of power. and my eyes look ever into suns forever (yes) setting.
when, dammit, when?

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