20 July, 2009

play rights

The best things do not happen out of design.
So I had gone to hang out with a few friends at the JU campus. Turns out they were practising for some play, and I wasn't exactly unwelcome to join. Being part of a proper stage production was .. one of those things that flit by in more pensive moments. Really glad about it.
For now rehearsals are going at the usual Bengali pace (an hour late; with much prodding) at my old place. It's pretty run-down but there's plenty of room to practice. And I managed to bag in one of my old school buddies.
The thing's scheduled for the end of August. Gyan Manch, Pretoria Street. Fingers firmly crossed.

I'm enjoying myself in fruitful activity after quite a while. We discuss Ray and Antonioni in between parts, Agni holds forth on Ghatak's flaws, Prerna 'man'handles Adhi making them perfect as the hen-pecked hubby+wife,the director and I think of adapting Sophoclean choruses and eigenfunctions.
There are countless theatrical productions staged in my city. I wonder if this'll get off at all. But for now . . . I'm reasonably happy.

16 July, 2009

snatch 190

writing in brief snatches. stolen moments from past splendors.
  i'm tired. as usual. for now i'm just content to be adrift. the peaks are still there, high and remote. i see them, admire their loftiness. the urge to climb is gone. leaving behind an infinitely peaceful man.
  yes, i have dealt with my inner demons. i let them discard me for greener pastures.

let this be an over-hurried epitaph to most of the things that resonated in this blog. the sound and fury . . . the meaningless rhetoric and senseless delusions. the time is now for the little  streams and pot-holed roads.
 i am done.

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