26 April, 2009

Summers that last forever

 The early morning is about the only time I can brave the terrace in summertime. Got up at 5 a.m. Presumably to get some work done but ended up playing Jedi Academy til Marka Ragnos' duel. So much for resolutions.

On a whim I unearthed an ancient music cd from the high-school days. "Best of the best" written with permanent marker in a schoolboy's scrawl.
The thoughts and images were always there at the back of the head; a sorta L2 cache.
Absentmindedly humming 'Seasons in the sun'. The tune, the cd and an undefinable something melting away the years.
  Xavier's Class 10 . God! An eternity and then some more.
       Shuffling through the songlist. The then familiar obsession with Dylan. A hard rain's a gonna fall. Following the Tambourine man through the smoke rings of my mind. The joy of a first six-string and of those summers that never seemed to end, of those that waited forever on Mama's porch.

 Westlife was a Xaverian favourite for graduation farewells. Since time immemorial. I wished our junior batch hadn't tried to be the exception. I can remember even now how we smirked and nudged in class 7 at "pretty girls are everywhere..." and thought pointedly of Middleton Row.:P

 The CD itself (like most things in life) has a story behind it. My fiery friend AT (&T) was wooing lady Silver with serenades (yes it came even to that). Problem: she didn't have mp3 playback on her cd player. AT had already burned the mp3. At his behest I made a couple of audio CDs out of the mp3 and kept the latter for my own.
    And it seemed then like we'd solved Schroedinger's equation or something.
   I'm smirking now. Sarcastically. Because that's the only safe emotion to let myself feel when thinking of the ghosts of summers past.
   And with the old songs bringing back old thougths, time it was for a long-neglected blog post. 


11 April, 2009

Note to self

 This scrap of no consequence is for happier days and longer hours at the keyboard. Of random thoughts, petty quibbles, imitating crows and other actions of daily life. Generally tend to forget some of the more brilliant (*hem, hem* :P) schemes I manage to come up with and postpone for times of lesser workload.

  1. A random Terry Pratchett Quote generator for blogs. I have a basic idea at the back of my head (using SQL) but obviously the actual coding will throw up a lot of bugs. Getting around them is half the fun of coding. There's a small voice telling me to do it in Python but I'm nowhere proficient in that. MySQL is easy and the first thing is the project and it's essential requirements.
  2. Finish til BST from Data Structures and Algorithms in C
  3. Do most of the exercises from Dive into Python.
  4. Buy the later Pratchetts after Nightwatch  - The Truth, Making Money.
  5. Play Jedi Academy. 

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