21 February, 2009

"Aamar bhai-er rokte rangano ekushey February
Aami ki bhulte paari?"

Drenched in the blood of my brethren,
The 21st of February -
Carven forever in my memory.

International Mother Language Day, as adopted by the UNESCO in 1999.

1952, Bangladesh. Protesting the right to express oneself in the mother tongue. And the police firing.
As always, I'm having one of my 'proud to be Bangalee' surges.

03 February, 2009

bright eyed

 Bright eyes too bright for gazing too long
 Into too many false dawns of Hope.
 A wind in the grass, a lilt in the Skysong
 Soaring thoughts to a different strain!

 Eyes ever waiting, long past petty baubles
 Like reality, life and eternity.
 Ever so faint over a lifetime's rubbles
 Come the words, clear as a sunbeam -
 "Sur la pont, d'Avignon
  L'on y dance, l'on y dance . . . "

 Awaiting the lord's return from his crusades,
 Blind to the chatter of banal charades.

 I have wagered a thousand worlds and will again
 Lest a tear from eyes so clear e'er falls in pain.

01 February, 2009

Adrift and other abodes

"I would rather drift here and there without leaving traces. There are so many people in this big wide world and so many places to visit but there is nowhere for me to put down roots, to have a small refuge, to live a simple life. I always encounter the same sort of neighbors, say the same sort of things, good morning or hello and once again am embroiled in endless daily trivia. Even before this becomes solidly entrenched, I will already have tired of it all. I know there is no cure for me."
  -Soul Mountain, Gao Xingjian.

   I've got Photoshop CS2, Dreamweaver and the holy of holies - Adobe Premier Pro.
 This spring promises to be... promising. Drifitng from one adobe to the other it is quite the life. :D

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