21 August, 2008

Musing on my Immortals

As always there's music playing somewhere. This time not just in my mind.

There's just too much that time cannot erase......

My thoughts soar, surf and crash with Amy Lee's voice. A fitting 'first song' to play on the newly installed linux OS. I'm left with science, ghosts and my much vaunted love of solitude.

There was a time (my crest has long since crashed) when I believed in being swept away on the peaks of ideals, shout with rapture, dance like a dervish, be delirious with sheer joy. That was when summer's never ended, only became spring - the acorn for the next summertime.

Now I know what is autumn - the wind over russet leaves, the grey clouds sculling across a scumbled sky.
To have completed the journey without a Fall would be meaningless. The passion, obsession . . . who knows when lightning may strike? But one has to try. For not having tried wouldn't have been living a life at all.
Teenage had it's joys - and the perk of not facing all the consequences. things change as always.
And my father made it a point to forget to wish me on the 18th. guess i should've been used to it after all these years.

12 August, 2008

Sweeping up the pieces

The party's over and Silence reclaims it's land. Sweeping up the leftovers, pushing back the chairs, straightening the tables. Switch off the lights and then closing the door. Softly! Ever so softly - the barest of clicks to end an epoch.
This is a new world and I'm learning of many things. Like letting things flow past and for once, not try to mould all things to my will. Forcing the smile, the nod and the banalities. I so detest the inane idiots that throng these times. Yet trying to pick up the grain from the chaff. As always.
Things are looking up, getting a semblance of motion. I'm getting used to small fields and little streams - no more of the beckoning mountains that I yearned for on the distant horizons. The times they have a'changed. For the better in more ways than one.
A time to live so that other times may come.

And so, onwards!

01 August, 2008

Comings and goings

"There's nothing to be sad about people going to different colleges outside. The summer is over and if you didn't have anything to do - that'd be the really sad thing."

The Maruti sped across the Bypass, each commuter wrapped in his/her thoughts as usual. I glanced outside and was glad I had. Brooding clouds covered the darkening sky like a pall of smoke. Deep amid the tattered shroud there were a few streaks of red - like the dull embers of all-but-concealed grief, fading into the West.
I took a snapshot of the sky and set it as my cell's wallpaper. Wondered at the futility of the gesture - how many snapshots can I possibly take, how much can I capture of the fleeting moments in my life?

That's when I began on that dangerous pastime: reminiscing. And regrets that inevitably hitch a ride on memory lane.

College begins today. A new beginning to cover the dregs of yesterday.
There is no sadness anymore. Just another reason to go on.

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