23 July, 2008

Tomes Today

Not really today. Yesterday.

My dear second cousin (one of the wide menagerie the family's managed to amass - this particular specimen on the paternal side at that.) came bearing gifts. Namely:
  1. One pine board. Huge. For drawing thinguses I'll never need beyond first yr.
  2. One wooden T-square, of the variety now extinct. Huge. Paint splattered. My dad passed it on to the chap - the instrument bearing the invisible stamp of JU engg.
  3. One plastic T-square which my cousin wisely used instead of the prehistoric relic. Ditto for me too. ;)
  4. One Jute-bag filled with notes
  5. One more Jute-bag filled with notes
  6. Five books
  7. List of more books that I 'should' buy.
Quite a haul. Even before my first day in college.

Confession: this post has been written mainly to bring the no. of posts closer to 150. To lather an otherwise insignificant number with a swathe of distinction.

18 July, 2008

Of chinese buffet and Schrodinger's Equation

There is a special charm to some, I'm sure, to watch Hancock while listening to a blow-by-blow account of solving Schrodinger's eqn. in polar co-ordinates. To an audience of people who haven't yet progressed to Ostragovsky's Theorem or any of those curly effings.

A not-so-rotund panda with legendary smile (of beatific serenity) intact (CS from some uni. in New Jersey), a now-skinny med student (off to Indiana [Jones!!!!!!!] - soon to be rid of the chap!), the Chemical Ali (polar co-ord.s nerd; Chem. from BITS-Pilani), a goatee'd CS engg. guy from the city outskirts and of course: the reverend sylph with the violence-quotient of a sledgehammer and the stilettos of terror (psych. from Ohio).

Aye, ickle me be in luminous company {;-D

Between ogling sideways (i confess, i confess...), staring at screen and snarling at the continued solving of aforementioned eqn. . . . well, life passes with a semblance of tolerance.
And that is something to be thankful for.

11 July, 2008

A time to walk and a time to talk

I chanced upon a truly memorable picture - alas it's not on the net yet. no matter, I'll be scanning it in after I (or my mother) buy the book.
There was Marlon Brando ... the Brando a la Streetcar named Desire, On the Waterfront and the beginnings of the Vito yet to be acted o'oer. And towering nearby was this six-four fellow in short-sleeves - Satyajit Ray - French legion of honour, Palm d'Or, to receive the Oscar on his deathbed. Arguably two of my favourite guys ever to have handled celluloid. Or been portrayed on it. In the same frame!!

Anyhow, that's got my sudden surges of idolising out of the way.

We walked the walk, talked the talk. About life and death and Life and Death and the future of others and ours and those we knew or didn't or would get to know, cared about or didn't, loved or lost, wounded or bolstered . . . and all the other bric-a-brac that peppers the conversation of people when their thoughts run far ahead of mere words. And they see suddenly a tangible end to the rituals of long association.

Found myself talking online to a person I had last seen over three years ago. Both unsure whether the years and several continents have rusted the well-oiled wheels of our chit-chats of yore. Talks that rambled on endlessly and intimately - oh, so long ago.
The carriage of conversation trundles on still - what if one wheel squeaks now and then?
She has changed her plans - not sure of medicine anymore in England. I wonder how much my plans would chnage in a new country and in three years time.

Thoughts veer back to the present. I guess some things remain the same. I'll still snort in self-disgust when I see taller women (especially the teutonic valkyrian sort that towers over my not-quite-six feet), still mimic (horribly) his bloody Angliophilic accent and mannerisms, still insist his elder sister is a Chinese pygmy (I feel so relieved when women are shorter!) and insist equally forcefully that No! I bloody well don't still have a crush on her!!!!Whaddya take me for, a blushing schoolkid? "Hey M-. I..erm..mmblemmblegrmmp...blrrp...er..hi! It's um...me...ummm...er...right.Whatever."

Oh, and how could I forget! The new nom de guerre - American mamoni!!! Bwahahaha!

Er...right. Things may not change much. At least, not the ones that really matter.

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