28 November, 2007

Back (gasp)!

My sudden reappearance. Well, I just plain didn't find the time. Why? Well . . . Somehow, most dads would like their sons to tread in their footsteps. At least for starters. Hence, the engineering joint entrances and the preparations for them is a major impediment on the free use of the net.
Anyway, I took a few pics. And thought fewer of them were passable. The city now is simmering with pent up emotions, while I am almost dry inside. Like too little butter spread over too much bread. Huge hunks of it. There was a small riot nearby, and I retreated to Salt Lake.
I do not know when I shall post again. So you may not think it worth commenting on this post.
She is coming during the summers. Eye-candy. I shall have something to look frwd to...

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