25 August, 2007

Through a glass darkly

I look forward to birthdays. Not the infrequent wishes and inconsequential gifts. Just the day. There has to be something significant for someone to hold on to. No, I didn't booze, didn't fag, didn't dope. Just ticked it off. Metaphorically.

Somehow, I never got the hang of handling emotional people. Other than by my usual indifferent silence. Most of my limited store of emotion got drained a fateful evening 15 years back. Seeing a pillar of flame writhing a few inches from me. And knowing the fiery wraith to be no Balrog, but a person. Flesh, blood and bone - as living as mine. That sort of thing tends to tinge later actians/reactions a bit.
A blog's like a silent confessions priest: things just pour out. Better in than out, as they say.

The comings and goings. From the family, city, country, world. To a better place, for a better life? Maybe. At least, we can hope so.
What do I say that is not a banal nothing? Be worth it, the eloquence of silence.

The Seagull Media and Arts Centre's hosting a Bergman retrospective during the coming week. Hope to whet my mind's shards on the films.

And now to dreams untroubled of hope. Through a glass darkly. And into the realm where death is a transition, life a continuation and dreams - realisation.

21 August, 2007


At the risk of sounding clich├ęd, "I'm back."

And I like it.

Looking bak on the gigantic shadows that some insignificant events have the ability to cast at the eventide light. Here's to those who have winged swiftly away to distant lands to pursue their dreams. May there be fulfilment.

Soli Deo Gloria

08 August, 2007

A pause

Exams commenceth.

Hence my irregular presence is to be reduced to regular absence.

Fare ye well, and don't get caught in th rain while gazing at the storm...

(Antonioni followed the Bergman way. None of the greats now remain, alas!)

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