31 July, 2007

Ingmar Bergman was among the most revered of film directors in a career than spanned almost seven decades, and one of my favourites. He passed away yesterday on the Baltic island of Faaro, where he had quietly spent the last years of his life.
His films reflected the wide spectrum of humanity through his native Sweden, from the bleak and desolate winters to the warmth of glowing summer evenings. He wrought his magic mainly in the black-and-white era, his films like his mind dominated by existential angst, the role of Providence, solitude and death.
However, the legend himself lost the chess-game with Death at the age of 89, much like his Knight in The Seventh Seal. His outstanding films also include Wild Strawberries, Smiles of a Summer Night, Summer with Monica, Autumn Sonata, Sarabande and others.

I've had the of seeing only two of these, which left me enthralled by the depth and the grace of his authorship, and the technical polish of the whole ensemble.This is my humble and heartfelt tribute to one of the best film-makers of all time.

This is also my last post before the 22nd of August.

11 July, 2007


When the russet turns a brittle brown
And borne on wings of amber wan
The leaves scatter like little lives -
Fly-specked footnotes that is history
Only to those that have lived it.

When the golden laughter tarnishes,
Remember them that stood alone...
Danced to the rhythm of the whirling dust
And sang of souls untouched by frost,
Of blind painters and unknown poets -
The useless petals soon, too soon to wither
In a world of shattered perfect moments.

They had blood once, strong and heady
As the wine of heretic dreamers;
Blood to be spilled, ever ready
History's unremarked streamers,
Apron-strings of the dispossessed...
Autumn passes, like swift draughts
Of the golden mead of joy.

In life, as opposed to dreams
The summers always end.
In life, as opposed to poems
The autumns end as well.

Cold pavement, tramp-lit tyres for warmth,
Dog-man-blanket coiled under frozen tarpaulin
Pearl-grey sky and ashen roads, eternal failures:
The barrens of all frozen dreams - a slumside story;
Yet touched with Winter's austere grace.

The Rains, redeemer, repenter, re-painter
Soggy blotches on the pavements of remorse
Flushing away the filth, the fury, the futility;
Through the canyons of blind buildings,
Carrying the load of lonesome vice -
The strung-out ones, the struck-off ones
Flot-sam and jet-sara of the cosmic curve...
Blessed waters as muddy as a thought:
For those of us uncertain throughout life
Until the great uncertainty claims us all.

I wrote this for Winter. But the rains flooding the city changed my mind. The present one doesn't have any specific purpose, other than as a repository for my more dreary musings in my more lonesome moments.

01 July, 2007

Muted mutterings

Slouching down the dusty corridor of tinted reflections. Cobwebs of experience swirling like the edge of darkness. Opening the door without a latch to overgrown banks of a lake. Monochrome musings in blessed solitude. This is the time for wild strawberries in Swedish woods. Wild thoughts in lonesome wildernesses.
My day seems to have begun with the twilight. I do not know if it'll end with Night or the next daybreak.

There is a slight coolness in the breeze now, and we are thankful for it. The bouganvillea aren't that determined to wilt. My room's been painted, the neo-starkness making me a stranger in another stranger's lair. Even the crows seem to be relieved at Summer's exeunt (erm..): entering the tranquil calm with a caw approaching mellowness.

My cousin made it to Xavier's College for grad. English hons. with Mass Com and Film Studies. I'll be there for the latter. Heh. Saw my second Ingmar Bergman film - "Wild Strawberries". Excellent. I've seldom expereinced a more moving picture of the hopes and regrets that beset a man as he stands in his twilight years.

I'm trying my best to reach a respectable 6 ft. (I'm a midget by world standards, I know) It's no fun trying to be the rebellious son when my dad can give the 'Zeus-on-Olympus" look from 6'2".

Life seems to be going on fine. Without much noticing the entity called Aruni Kumar Basu Roy Chowdhury, Esq.


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