23 June, 2007


I'm posting after too long an interregnum. Sorry ladies and gentlemen. My heartfelt apologies.

It was World Music Day on the 21st. The French Association in Calcutta had organised quite the auditory extravaganza in the city. Shunning the more boisterous of the events, I accompanied the Xaverian crowd to a pleasant evening at the Ice Skating Rink Auditorium: a concert by Le Atelier de Musique string Orch., La Martiniere's Orch. and the Modern High School Girl's Choir (yes, we watched the long legs of the sopranos...i admit it. ps-they were long!). oby Abraham Mazumder.

Notable in the repertoire was Vivaldi's Summer, the theme from Swan Lake, Beatles' hit Let it be ... 'Hay bhalobashi' (its a hit from the first Bengali band - Mohiner Ghoraguli .)

This evening I'm blogging having digesteds a sumptuous meal hosted by my fat friend Tonks, in dishonor of his coming birthday. He'll be 18. And will not drink. Unpardonable! As is his incurable Angliophilia.

09 June, 2007

Trawling through the twilight

We had phuchkas. Standing by the road and the dignified gutter. To one side of the market entrance.
I'd gone on one of my pilgrimages to the Temple. A long time it is, 'ere the paragon is mentioned again in this blog. My highest reverence. Culmination of idiocy. Whatever. I love the word 'whatever'. It's like a much-needed shroud to shield me from genuine emotion - something I diligently eschew.

The sky was the usual evening grey, but for me, at that time . . . the twilit was eternity and the moment of company was infinity. And my soulblood trickled, striving to fill the silence between the two.

I came home, my mind knowing this to be another day. Just another. But somehow, something in me has kept the door to my soul ajar. And I know I'll never forget this. Another rare oasis of joy in the parched desert I've chosen to travail. Lone crusader on forlorn quest. With a damsel in no obvious distress.

No excuses. Just acceptance. And unseen tears into the blindness of the nights.

From afar...

I was browsing through a couple of still shots. Thought this one to be approaching passability.
On the Shillong trip.

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