18 January, 2007

A hundred words

I'm tired of being given problems out of B.Sc. books. Especially the ones that I cannot solve. And I'm tired of Piskunov, Irodov, Finar and the rest of these intellectual pundits.
But tiredness is seldom the excuse for giving up. At least none that I have managed to pass of convincingly enough.

Okay, I know I'm gibbering rubbish. Here are some pics., that a hand used only to the SLR has managed to come up with on its first foray with a handycam. All on the much frequented rooftop.

Yeah! Naur an edraith ammen!

A rather typical picture of this blogger, wreathed in rather fuzzy shadow and brooding on the rather distant lights mainly cuz there's not much else to do.

Into the West . . .

Le Finis

16 January, 2007

Be worth it

Be worth it, every bit of obtuseness endured. The snarls and snipes, the snides and the swipes. When at length I do explode . . . what results is immense mental satisfaction on my part, and an immense sense of demolition on the part of any ill-fated recepient(s).

Life seems to have forgotten abt its default configuration; the dratted thing's turning out to be nice after all!

I'm well, and post-laser euphoria is still high. The anaesthetic wore off in the middle, and it was a pretty good rendition of a lightsaber in the eye. What else could I do but respond with my trademark snarl? My thanks to any hopefuls (that I do not emerge in one piece) and of course to the concerned few.

I've written a poem, after a long time. Will be typing it in hopefully, if patience holds. Later.

Also, edited an angliophile's drivel. Ha!

Here's wishing everyone er... the best of wishes, for reasons best known to themselves.

10 January, 2007


Brutus had many faults, but he started on his ruin right in the beginning. When he judged others to be of the same high mould and lofty ideals as himself. I find it strange that people cannot be as lofty as they were before, as righteous, as honorable. Maybe I am a foolish idealist.

Maybe not, merely stating facts. I've got the second eye-op. tomorrow. Not exactly entirely nonchalant abt it. The first one was semi-anaestheticized, thanks to my rubbing. Beethoven was deaf, yet he could compose the Ninth. Need I say more? However, I am no genius.

ReIf the world becomes darkness to me, how shall I write?
-- Paint?

03 January, 2007

Interzonal Spindle Fibre

Another year past. Now settling back into the routine that is a must for survival. Now again as I speak , the days will begin to blur into one another once more, leaving behind nothing but a niggling sense of unfulfilment that itself cannot be defined to satisfaction. Back to the grey worlds, where idle wondering may provide momentary relief from the chore of existing. For oneself (really) and for others (proclaimedly). But thank goodness, nonetheless that the last few days had some of the flavor to mark them apart from the rest - meaningless horde of hours.

Here I stand, at the brink of the new year, thinking of the past mistakes, knowing that they shall still be repeated, come what may. Thinking of all the joys, mine and of others (for once) and hoping dearly that they too be repeated. And praying (another first, after a long long time) that it be the same for others.

The world is simply not enough. There will always be the thirst for more knowledge in minds such as mine. But I have learned to reconcile, learned to say the needful even if harsh, but not accompanied by needless curtness that had been my trademark for so long.

No, I shall not bend, for that I cannot do unless broken. And yes, I shall stand by what I feel is right, what ought to be done. The new year has but reaffirmed my faith in myself, and to strive however microscopic may be the means, towards a better humanity.

The triumph of the individual. And the embrace of the greater good for the greater whole.

02 January, 2007

And a Happy New Year . . .

A Happy New Year all ye who visit this page!!

I had shunned the more exhibitionist of parties that erupted in our city to mark the occaision. A sort of gathering of 'five close families'. We non-dotard folk had more or less a good time, listening to music, talking of books, and photography, and trekking and mountains and integration in vector algebra, setting up a most recalcitrant music system . . .

Someone had the wise idea of putting on 'Waiting for tonight' at 11:30. I managed to catch a few glimpses of Star Wars before being smothered by half-remembered longtime friends. Must be having inborn racial instincts, the way they always manage to sniff out their quarry -- me. I bared my teeth in what I hoped was a smile, but the rest of humanity is of the distinct opinion that it is a snarl.
After some time, I didn't have to act to give out the cheeriness of bonhomie. Somehow, meeting old friends at the end of a long and eventful(years generally have the tendency to be both) year made me truly appreciate friends.
For once.

At the advent of the new year, the flurry of phone-calls well-nigh drove everything else off my mind. The one number I was most intent on calling (okay, dammit, I know you'll be sniggering, some of you people!) seemed equally intent on being engaged.
Hence, had to slink onto the dance floor. Where exuberance seemed to make up for all that skill (or plain natural smoothness, for heaven's sake!) was deficient in.
A spirited sylph insisted on my joining in. Wasn't too bad. A bit rusty, ever since I had adopted my grim stance on life. BUt nothing that was irreperable.

And so there I was, a part of the magnificent conglomerate of joyous humanity, each marking the bygone year, and out to greet the new.

The lights were turned off suddenly (how expected...yawn). I do not know of the others, but my mind was not on the face next to me. A few of my pals lips might have looked suspiciously red . . .

Made my precious call in the car, over Bijon Setu.

Thus it ends, the year 2006 Anno Domini, and scarcely are we in time to bid it farewell than the new year is there to be welcomed. Pace ...
We'll probably not meet in another age, but its memories of days such as these that provide those heavenly moments when old friends meet by chance on Life's tractless seas. And reminisce.

Here's to all of you having a good time!

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