30 August, 2006


Due to the proximity of the exams, no more blogging for me in the immediate future.
If your loyalties hold, kindly visit again after the 18th of Sept. The jaws of death beckon, but unfortunately i do not constitute 600!
Au revoir.

12 August, 2006


Now, at long last,I've found one more reason to love the rain more than ever.

Puddles. Yeah, that's right: puddles.

I asked, "Why puddles, for heaven's sake?"

With superior grin:"See, she's gotta be helped over them, right?"

"Ah-hah! NOthing more..."

"I'm going to kill you!"

Happy times, those.
That got me thinking. Back to SIr Walter Raleigh and his cloak business with Elizabeth. Now, I don't reeeeaally have to think much before helping some person over a puddle. Mind you, some person.

To get over the puddle of muddles (or vice versa) I'm elated for once. My Physics exam went over the top. 3 cheers for BKG.
Devouring Resnick, Halliday and Krane. And heck, lovin' it. And I really don't mean to say I love black-holes for the imagery.

btw, here's somehting to chew upon, as the Physics teach. rumbled, " YOu, fat fellow, intelligence is not your monopoly! I displace you from this classroom."

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