13 April, 2006

Knights in rusting armour

I find it quite nice to talk over things to the darkness. THe only time I can step out from my facade is when I am truly and completely alone. It is truly useless being hopeless.

I felt that day, "if there can be a heaven on earth, then it was there, at that moment."

One must follow the thread of one's life, right till the very end, with the fortitude that one has managed or not managed to muster. After anorexic advice, and rotund realists ; I must go on. And if our roads are to meet, then why I shall smile indeed.

I cannot give up hope. Not THIS time. It is pure, untabooed, not immoral. I cannot let the only ray of light vanish forever. I'll polish the armour, clean the rust. And maybe, just maybe, the Temple might look back at one who asks for naught.

Is there hope?

When was there ever any hope?
For anyone?

For all them poor fellas, ruining their lives because Life is so . . . inexorable!

Sorrow is not an unique burden.

11 April, 2006

Birthday Crash

Okay, here's to ze B'days.

Happeee Bithday Kaushik "Kazarelth", best enemy and worse friend.

Happy Birthday, Jennifer Expose-it-o, I mean Esposito. Nice one in Crash.

Awesome movie, that. I likes it a lot. (heh heh) It it about racism, but unlike many rolled off the conveyer belt, it doesn't have a blatant message. It shows intolerance, racism, but there's no 'moral', no 'message'. Shows the things as they are -- you can;t ignore what's still alive an' kickin'. BUt one can rise above such things in one's own way; redeem past deeds.

One of the very best.

05 April, 2006

Good reads and sees.

Read Dostoevsky's Brothers Karamazov in about a week. Its intense, and lofty. Got about everything one cn imagine, and best of all is the stark uncommiserating realism that is in the every quark of the book. He referred a good book, as always.

Dad gotta know about Crash. Gotta see it clandestinely.

as for Brokeback,, Tan THeta an' Temple might tag me along.

Got the DVds of Orson Welles' Macbeth, and dad got "The Battle of Algiers".

But the long draughts of sweet freedom are passing all too switly, and the empty cup is truly a morbid sight.
Havr you, my ill-fated subhuman reader, felt truly satisfied about sadness.

I'm sadly happy.

Face reality.
No choice actually.

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