25 August, 2005


So here I was, trudging out of BCL, when some Nobby-like fellow accosts me with...u guessed it...one of those omnipresent pamphlets. What? SOme "Best education there is...come as asses...go home as arses...erm...Einsteins?.....the usual rot!

IN my -- well -- fury, I took it and clamly, gently tore them into shreds upon an impulse. And then, something close to an absent conscience stuck a pin up my bottom. After all...'that poor guy...reduced to giving out pamphlets . . . the usual hogwash.'

Then ... oh gods... the fellow startys saying things like

" Chirey phelley babu?"

"Pocketey dhukiye aar ki hobey"

Embarassment was only the montessory stage of what I felt, in the middle of Camac Street.

ANd Karak? Damned werewolf, grinning in glee!

Later he advised softly, " Best hoto tui jodi abar giye boltish...'dada, aar duto deben?' "

Why don't those witty repartees come when they are needed?

17 August, 2005

And one year closer to the End

SO, I'll be gladsad to say that I'm closer to my end by more one year tomorrow. My b'day schedule is, as usual, packed with my favourite addiction - hibernation.
I make my ...erm...comments now . A day's perspective might do them justice.

What to say? Let's try a list of my favourite movies recently (relatively, that is) . . .

  • Citizen Kane
  • The Bicycle Thief
  • Pather Panchali
  • The Godfather

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