28 July, 2005

Keeping (kipping) Phenomenon (Phenmen) Desert (disserrt)

Here follows 11 commandments by PC (don't insult the personal computer):
1) " Neither they can see far objects, nor they cannot able to see close"
2) "Why don't you don't want to learn maaen? "
3) "More will be csa, thick will the condaactrr"
4) "The panesill is water will look bend"
5) "But how will you know, my koshchen is..."
6) "For an angle of incidence, i want pin-drop silence"
7) " Eben if you like to forget you bhill not forget"
8) "These boys of Sen. Jabier's looking up, down, left, right, shitting on my showldar"
9) "I'll die you"
10) "Scell you bring"
11) "Tutul (Tutorial) nopuddy marks"

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