31 May, 2005

Woe of Joys

A feline English.
A project: A visit to a career fair.


Here follows a somewhat hilarious dialogue.

Scene: A rickety Computer Applications stall in a career fair.
Agni, Me, and this 'somewhat ' sesky female at the stall.

Agni postions hi mself like a malnutrited Dooku beside the stall's wall. I, like Frodo, walk undaunted twards the LAir of the Haggy Nymphs.

Me: A....yea (tha's pure Bangla, yes maney bolchchilaam giyea) ...achcha...
Nymph looks up. MEtro Daily would've described her as 'dusky' or 'sultry' . TO me it was veritably 'stormy' or even 'cycloney'.

Nymph(husky voiced. A siren with Clemenza strangling him, or a constipated Galadriel): Yeaaaaaas? (gentle query, hah!)

"I...aaa..about the oppurti"
Agni:"U're all balls"
"tunities of Com"
"She's bloody un-s_______"
"HIghr up I mean....errr...."

A brave effort on Nymph's part to comprehend. Needs a compiler, not a translator. Tries to edit out Agni's 'inaudible' jibes at me)
(everyone's fanourite sound)

"...What r u interested in, networking or programming?" Leans closer. Brrrrrrrrrr.

I telepath:"You, minus garb"
I say:"Programming." Okay, my voice sounded a bit like Shirrr Sean in Goldfinger.
Agni:"a bed, somewhere. & some sheets i hope..."

OK, I 'm NOT gping to laugh.
Nymph: "You've done Java?"
Ag:"Yeah, a lot more. like, umm...ghaton... "

Stiffly handing me pamphlets, Mymph: "Here . And here's my name, number. Contact, if not in this month, then the next..."
Cold and burning at the same time, I smile, terrified.

"Cholbey, Hara**. Ja dhukey thakbi shukhey..."

Writes name & cell no.

I turn away.

"Agni, plywood is not sounproof"
"She heard everything"

"Oh my f*.*.*...*.*.*.*.................................."

27 May, 2005

An Die Freunde...

"Freude schoener gotterfunken tochter aus Elysium..."

That might well be the anthem of the European Union, if a new proposed Constistution is put into effect.
The anthem's going to be "Ode to Joy", from Beethoven's Ninth Symphony.

26 May, 2005

Expected, yet forever new

Class 1. That's when I saw the first Star Wars film - "a new hope".

Episode III brings to an end the massive saga spanning almost half-a-century. Perhaps this in the best film in the entire series, maybe in the sci-fi genre. Emotions, and the resulting conflict is treated in such a human perspective, yet always remindind the viewer that its all 'in a galaxy far, far away'.
The expected destruction of the last of the Jedi Knights, the anguish of Yoda and Obi-wan, the ruthlessness blocking out all humanity from Anakin, Padme's despair all sum up to a truly moving finale.

25 May, 2005

Monochrome Spirals

Cloven armour, shattered hopes
Despair daily lethally gropes-
Down to a mirthless sunless sea
Where love never is to be.

Shattered earth-clods,thudding hooves
Gouges, rents and cart-wheel grooves,
the ravages of time, as on the worls moves;
And yet..yet forgetfulness still soothes.

But when the rents are far too wide
Soul-scorched, heart-wrent agony,
Too much,far too much to be set aside-
Then starts the terrible monotony...

Insane inane monochrome madness
Pythagorean infinite parabolic sadness...

Better to don the luing mask
Than reveal the medley of emotions;
What left to plead, to say, to ask?
As suicidal calm reigns the Oceans.

Life-a cosmic masquerade
Death the Sorrows doth serenade;
Stupid anaemic monochrome spirals,
Insipid malicious lying murals.

To say,
To plead.
To beg,
To weep.

To End.

05 May, 2005

Lively Times

From a scrap of crappy paper, somewhere in an academic wilderness, back of some ragged calendar.

"Life is a tangle; you can only follow a thread."

"Life is like a snooker table. For some, its colourful.
For others, its all balls."

"In life, no one is indispensible, if we don't make them so."

"You may treat your son like a dog ( is a sedntary walrus listening, bloody patriarch!), but make sure that you treat your bos's dog like your son."

Creative muses

A point.
Not floating, but very much anchored in my expressive capacities.

Angrenost had served its purpose. I had transcended my old blog. HEnce, this...

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