14 October, 2005

Back . . . at long last

A bitter-sweet cocktail of emotions.

I definitely won't be able to post at all. Unavoidable evils of tyranny.

Anyway,I hope I'll be able to say something like, "I'll be back"

BTW,I saw this truly 'seeiable' movie - the SEventhSeal, Ingmar BErgman.

25 August, 2005


So here I was, trudging out of BCL, when some Nobby-like fellow accosts me with...u guessed it...one of those omnipresent pamphlets. What? SOme "Best education there is...come as asses...go home as arses...erm...Einsteins?.....the usual rot!

IN my -- well -- fury, I took it and clamly, gently tore them into shreds upon an impulse. And then, something close to an absent conscience stuck a pin up my bottom. After all...'that poor guy...reduced to giving out pamphlets . . . the usual hogwash.'

Then ... oh gods... the fellow startys saying things like

" Chirey phelley babu?"

"Pocketey dhukiye aar ki hobey"

Embarassment was only the montessory stage of what I felt, in the middle of Camac Street.

ANd Karak? Damned werewolf, grinning in glee!

Later he advised softly, " Best hoto tui jodi abar giye boltish...'dada, aar duto deben?' "

Why don't those witty repartees come when they are needed?

17 August, 2005

And one year closer to the End

SO, I'll be gladsad to say that I'm closer to my end by more one year tomorrow. My b'day schedule is, as usual, packed with my favourite addiction - hibernation.
I make my ...erm...comments now . A day's perspective might do them justice.

What to say? Let's try a list of my favourite movies recently (relatively, that is) . . .

  • Citizen Kane
  • The Bicycle Thief
  • Pather Panchali
  • The Godfather

28 July, 2005

Keeping (kipping) Phenomenon (Phenmen) Desert (disserrt)

Here follows 11 commandments by PC (don't insult the personal computer):
1) " Neither they can see far objects, nor they cannot able to see close"
2) "Why don't you don't want to learn maaen? "
3) "More will be csa, thick will the condaactrr"
4) "The panesill is water will look bend"
5) "But how will you know, my koshchen is..."
6) "For an angle of incidence, i want pin-drop silence"
7) " Eben if you like to forget you bhill not forget"
8) "These boys of Sen. Jabier's looking up, down, left, right, shitting on my showldar"
9) "I'll die you"
10) "Scell you bring"
11) "Tutul (Tutorial) nopuddy marks"

29 June, 2005

Look into the Sun

Look into the sun
Believe me pal, its not fun
When you are like your eyes
searing in agony...unheeding cries
Then look into the Sun
And...have some fun.


Aurora borealis.

Ephemeral. Everchanging.

And...the stolid stoicism of the moose

31 May, 2005

Woe of Joys

A feline English.
A project: A visit to a career fair.


Here follows a somewhat hilarious dialogue.

Scene: A rickety Computer Applications stall in a career fair.
Agni, Me, and this 'somewhat ' sesky female at the stall.

Agni postions hi mself like a malnutrited Dooku beside the stall's wall. I, like Frodo, walk undaunted twards the LAir of the Haggy Nymphs.

Me: A....yea (tha's pure Bangla, yes maney bolchchilaam giyea) ...achcha...
Nymph looks up. MEtro Daily would've described her as 'dusky' or 'sultry' . TO me it was veritably 'stormy' or even 'cycloney'.

Nymph(husky voiced. A siren with Clemenza strangling him, or a constipated Galadriel): Yeaaaaaas? (gentle query, hah!)

"I...aaa..about the oppurti"
Agni:"U're all balls"
"tunities of Com"
"She's bloody un-s_______"
"HIghr up I mean....errr...."

A brave effort on Nymph's part to comprehend. Needs a compiler, not a translator. Tries to edit out Agni's 'inaudible' jibes at me)
(everyone's fanourite sound)

"...What r u interested in, networking or programming?" Leans closer. Brrrrrrrrrr.

I telepath:"You, minus garb"
I say:"Programming." Okay, my voice sounded a bit like Shirrr Sean in Goldfinger.
Agni:"a bed, somewhere. & some sheets i hope..."

OK, I 'm NOT gping to laugh.
Nymph: "You've done Java?"
Ag:"Yeah, a lot more. like, umm...ghaton... "

Stiffly handing me pamphlets, Mymph: "Here . And here's my name, number. Contact, if not in this month, then the next..."
Cold and burning at the same time, I smile, terrified.

"Cholbey, Hara**. Ja dhukey thakbi shukhey..."

Writes name & cell no.

I turn away.

"Agni, plywood is not sounproof"
"She heard everything"

"Oh my f*.*.*...*.*.*.*.................................."

27 May, 2005

An Die Freunde...

"Freude schoener gotterfunken tochter aus Elysium..."

That might well be the anthem of the European Union, if a new proposed Constistution is put into effect.
The anthem's going to be "Ode to Joy", from Beethoven's Ninth Symphony.

26 May, 2005

Expected, yet forever new

Class 1. That's when I saw the first Star Wars film - "a new hope".

Episode III brings to an end the massive saga spanning almost half-a-century. Perhaps this in the best film in the entire series, maybe in the sci-fi genre. Emotions, and the resulting conflict is treated in such a human perspective, yet always remindind the viewer that its all 'in a galaxy far, far away'.
The expected destruction of the last of the Jedi Knights, the anguish of Yoda and Obi-wan, the ruthlessness blocking out all humanity from Anakin, Padme's despair all sum up to a truly moving finale.

25 May, 2005

Monochrome Spirals

Cloven armour, shattered hopes
Despair daily lethally gropes-
Down to a mirthless sunless sea
Where love never is to be.

Shattered earth-clods,thudding hooves
Gouges, rents and cart-wheel grooves,
the ravages of time, as on the worls moves;
And yet..yet forgetfulness still soothes.

But when the rents are far too wide
Soul-scorched, heart-wrent agony,
Too much,far too much to be set aside-
Then starts the terrible monotony...

Insane inane monochrome madness
Pythagorean infinite parabolic sadness...

Better to don the luing mask
Than reveal the medley of emotions;
What left to plead, to say, to ask?
As suicidal calm reigns the Oceans.

Life-a cosmic masquerade
Death the Sorrows doth serenade;
Stupid anaemic monochrome spirals,
Insipid malicious lying murals.

To say,
To plead.
To beg,
To weep.

To End.

05 May, 2005

Lively Times

From a scrap of crappy paper, somewhere in an academic wilderness, back of some ragged calendar.

"Life is a tangle; you can only follow a thread."

"Life is like a snooker table. For some, its colourful.
For others, its all balls."

"In life, no one is indispensible, if we don't make them so."

"You may treat your son like a dog ( is a sedntary walrus listening, bloody patriarch!), but make sure that you treat your bos's dog like your son."

Creative muses

A point.
Not floating, but very much anchored in my expressive capacities.

Angrenost had served its purpose. I had transcended my old blog. HEnce, this...

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